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Learning about Learning Differences

Watch our almost weekly series where we interview people involved in helping students with dyslexia, uncovering truths and realities faced by those with dyslexia in our current education system, and discovering ways to help overcome.

Latest episodes…

How can parents help raise your child’s self-esteem?

How can parents help raise your child’s self-esteem?

We speak with Cris Brady about Confidence and Self-Esteem for kids with learning differences. As any parent of a child with learning differences already knows, problems with confidence and self-esteem come with the territory.

How can I have more empathy for my neurodiverse kid?

How can I have more empathy for my neurodiverse kid?

In the pursuit of helping our neurodiverse kids, those with dyslexia, we’ve recently discovered that people helping those with other neurodiversities like ADHD and autism spectrum disorder have a lot to offer. I met Cris Brady recently and she has an incredible message for parents of neurodiverse kids.

20% of students have dyslexia, which is defined as someone with average or above average intelligence, who struggles to learn due to a language based learning disability. This population is falling through the cracks. Without the proper help, outcomes for these students are poor, including over-representation in statistics for drug & alcohol abuse, law enforcement interactions, prison, minimum wage, and unemployment, failure to go to college, and more.

With the proper help, not only do these students avoid the poor outcomes, but they are over-represented among the ranks of people who contribute greatly to society. Over 50% of NASA employees have dyslexia and they are sought after for their superb problem solving skills, and excellent 3D and spacial awareness. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Leonardo da Vinci are among their ranks. They’re over-represented as CEOs, entrepreneurs, actors, and more. Over 60% of self-made millionaires have dyslexia.

2andYou Campaign

Did you know that 20% of children are affected by a learning difference or disability? Not only do these children struggle academically, but they have a higher risk of dropping out, incarceration, substance abuse and suicide.

The good news is, together we can change this outcomes for children in our community.

You can help!

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Your support helps local children with learning differences have access to the individualized education they need and makes a positive and lasting impact on their lives. To learn more about Wired2Learn Academy’s unique educational model please visit and Your support truly makes a difference!

*The Wired2Learn Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit organization and your contributions are tax-deductible. Additionally, your donation may be eligible for the Idaho Education Tax Credit. With this credit, a $2,000 donation may only cost $352 or $1720 if given in $2,000 increments over 5 years. Always consult a tax professional to determine eligibility and how the Idaho Education Tax Credit can benefit you.

The impact that individualized education will have on a child’s life and future is invaluable! You can make a difference for children with Learning Differences right here in our community. Your compassionate gift to the Wired2Learn Foundation will go directly to fund specialized, brain-based education for children in need.

You can support Wired 2 Learn Foundation with your Fred Meyer shopping. Simply join the Community Rewards program and add Wired 2 Learn Foundation as your donation organization. Our organization number is: YB602

Wired2Learn Foundation is planning super fun community events to raise awareness for our under-served kids with learning differences, and raise funds for scholarships to get them the help they need. Sign up below to stay in touch and be the first to learn about upcoming events.

Rare Beer Festival

Cycling Scavenger Hunt

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