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Invitation to Apply

Thank you for your interest in applying for the Wired2Learn Foundation Scholarship Program. We are excited to partner with community members like you to further our mission to support children with learning disabilities in our community and provide scholarships that allows access to innovative brain-based education.

Wired2Learn Foundation has an award process which is granted as a one-time payment. Our focus is to make an impact in the areas of our foundation’s values: compassion, neuroscience, and community.

With that in mind, our grant application and reporting fall within those focus areas. Feel free to review the application, and when you’re ready to submit, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Determine which focus area most closely aligns with the situation for which you are seeking funding.

Partial Individual Scholarship

Student coping with a learning disability, currently enrolled in school (private or public), and seeking an opportunity to transfer to a better suited school and/or program or remain in their current school and/or program.
Students looking for partial scholarship for specific program.

Step 2: Carefully review the requirements within the application narrative:

Individual Applicant:

Before you begin, please ensure you have collected the following:

  • Offer of Enrollment from School
  • Two Personal / Professional References
  • Narrative following requirements
    1. Explanation of learning disability (clinical diagnosis not required)
    2. Explanation of specific need for scholarship
    3. Explanation of project, event, etc. that requires funding
    4. Explanation of amount needed
    5. Explanation of past awards from Wired2Learn Foundation or other donations
    6. Explanation of any other community asks/collaboration
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