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Imagine being a bright, creative, innovative child who cannot make sense out of letters, sounds, or numbers and is continually pulled from class to get “special help.” Despite the “special help” he continues to struggle to do homework, fails tests, and receives poor grades. As a child with a learning disability, his self-esteem takes a beating. The years of “special help” at school hasn’t helped and he is still receiving failing grades and has become the class clown to hide his insecurities. As a parent, you fear for his future. Why can’t your bright child get this school thing figured out?

Learning disabilities affect 20% of our children. That is 1 in 5 kids. You likely have a personal connection to one or more bright children who struggle to learn to read, write, spell or understand math. This usually comes as a surprise because this child is bright and capable in many nonacademic arenas. This is the paradox of living with a learning disability. Loving parents, teachers and friends try to encourage, help and support because they know this child is capable, creative, imaginative, funny, and innovative, but despite working hard, shedding tears and failed tests, this student with a learning disability feels like a failure. She cannot understand why she can’t just “get it.” She eventually begins to think she is stupid.

Children with learning disabilities have normal to above normal intelligence. They are academically trapped by weak cognitive systems that inhibit learning, organization, attention, and writing. The real travesty is that they are not getting the education they deserve and need. An innovative, targeted education for children with learning disabilities isn’t a choice, it’s a need.

Wired2Learn Academy will fill that need by providing:


Providing care and cutting edge treatment for children with learning disabilities. Students will get specialized academic, cognitive and emotional help to insure a bright future. Wired2Learn Academy (W2LA), opening this fall, will immerse students in a project-based learning model to meet each child at their individual academic level, challenge each student individually, and renew their love for learning. Cognitive training will get to the root of learning struggles by improving the weak cognitive systems that are causing the learning challenges. Finally, students will be supported emotionally and given one-on-one therapy to grow their confidence and missing skills.


Working through the hearts of people in our community.

One of the greatest things about this school is seeing how God has been supporting the W2LA leaders and how He has moved hearts to get this school open. Learning disabilities (LD) affects 20% of our children and families. These kids are hugely underserved in our public and private schools because of inadequate teacher training on learning disabilities and insufficient resources. Because so many children and families are affected, many people have been praying for W2LA to open. Despite huge mountains and obstacles that blocked the way, God has paved the way by: opening the hearts of the Post Falls city officials and planning team to support the mission and vision of the Academy, raising financing for City mandated improvements on the W2L Campus, providing the time for the architect and engineers to secure the plans for the improvements, and giving approval to the Academy to provide the Arrowsmith cognitive training program.


Helping ALL our children succeed makes for a stronger, healthier future for all of us. Above all, W2LA is devoted to serving children who struggle with learning disabilities and their families by developing loving relationships with them! Our foundational principle, to love our students and their families, will be fulfilled by fostering a caring community where each student and family feels supported. For the first time for many of our students, they will be in an academic environment where they can find JOY.


Your gift will help W2LA provide specialized help for many children & change the trajectory of their lives!

Now we are praying for financial gifts to cover the startup costs and help provide tuition assistance for W2LA students. This kind of education and support requires a low student-teacher ratio, significant training for the learning coaches, and specialized equipment. We are praying for God to do a miracle in providing all the funds needed for this year to enable all students to attend W2LA tuition free. Our goal is to raise $500,000 by the end of July. This is a tremendous goal, but we know that with our supportive community, it is possible. If we reach this goal, 24 children who have been struggling with learning disabilities will be able to get the targeted, innovative, research-based education they need & deserve. We would like to humbly ask you to consider supporting the Wired2Learn Foundation financially. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, but if you would be willing to contribute at one of the Compassion Levels, it would help us to reach our goal of a free, individualized, education for all students struggling with learning disabilities who want to attend W2LA!

Please consider how you would be willing to support Wired2Learn Foundation—either through prayer, financial support or both. All donations are tax-deductible and directions for financial contributions can be found below. Thank you for partnering with Wired2Learn Foundation! I look forward to letting you know how Wired2Learn has impacted the lives of the children we will serve next year and our community.

Mail a donation:

If you’d prefer to donate by check, which does save us on credit card processing fees, you can do so by mailing to:

Wired2Learn Foundation, Inc.
1869 E Seltice Way, #415
Post Falls, ID 83854

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Illuminate – $2,000, Innovate – $5,000, Inspire – $10,000, Imagine $25,000, Impact $50,000, Custom Amount