Why Wired2Learn Foundation?


The Wired2Learn Foundation’s mission is to support children with learning disabilities like dyslexia in our community, and provide grants that allows access to innovative, brain-based education.


To inspire a world where every child with a learning disability receives an education without limitations.

Core Values




The W2L Foundation is proudly partnered with Wired2Learn Academy (W2LA) with the primary purpose of providing grants and tuition assistance to W2LA students. Children with learning challenges should always have access to the education they need, therefore we strive to make it financially accessible to as many families as possible.


We strive to advocate by raising awareness for the under-served population of children, who struggle with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. We are committed to sharing the research and personal stories, to further support the mission and vision of the W2L Foundation.



We fully support current brain research and believe that these validated findings should be applied to the classroom. Children need and deserve an education tailored to how the brain learns best. Education should be innovative, and in line with current research in order to have the greatest impact.



We recognize that our supporters and donors are exceptionally important and vital to our mission. We thoroughly appreciate and respect our donors, and work to collaborate, build, and sustain these relationships within our community. The W2L Foundation is grateful for these connections and personally expresses our gratitude to each valued donor.

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